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August 25, 2014







fred finna tear it up in the basement

shit u never notice as a kid lmao wtf who put this in kids shows lol

Fred knew the deal.

lol omg. 

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BRUH. This shit right here.

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A year ago, I never would have had the confidence to wear anything that exposed any part of my body. This year, I am wearing a crop top to Made in America. I am so happy I am getting to a place of body love and acceptance.  #fashion #plussize #fatpositive #bodypositive #selflove

A year ago, I never would have had the confidence to wear anything that exposed any part of my body. This year, I am wearing a crop top to Made in America. I am so happy I am getting to a place of body love and acceptance. #fashion #plussize #fatpositive #bodypositive #selflove

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bodypositive plussize fashion selflove fatpositive

August 24, 2014

Do not fall in love with people like me
I will take you to museums, parks, and monuments
And kiss you in every beautiful place,
So that you can never go back to them
Without tasting me
Like blood in your mouth
I will destroy you in the most beautiful
Way possible, and when I leave
You will finally understand
Why storms are named after people.

Warsan Shire (via ohwelljustbecause)

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Reblog If You Haver Ever Used One of These Or Just Know What It Is








It’s scares me that only 16,000 people know what this is

wtf is this some kind of choclat bar

This object has killed over 400,000 people

oh my god. 


We’re old.



jeez. just under 100,000 folks know what this is? I’m old :-(

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Via Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum

Guess the sample.

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music spotify

guess that sample.

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music spotify

Last week marked two years with Neal.

I told the story of how we met on Twitter. But I never get tired of teliing it, so here goes. 

I met Neal via Twitter about three years ago - we followed each other for that long before we started talking one on one in May 2012. I was still living in LA, trying desperately to leave. 

One night I was on tumblr. It was Maxwell’s birthday. I still have the post somewhere in my likes. I followed up with a post that said, “If you play Maxwell to set the mood, we go together.” 

He replied to it: “I can send you his entire discography if you want it.” 

I said okay sure, I’ll inbox you my email address. He sent me the music and then I quietly added him to the gchat list.

At the time I was barely working at a part-time content management gig. Things were slow. So when he gchatted me, it was cool cuz it helped me pass the time. He asked if we could skype that weekend. I thought, why not? I ain’t doin shit anyway and he seems cool. 

So we skyped that saturday afternoon. He was smart, funny, sweet, super cute, and we seemed to have a few friends in common. I enjoyed it so much that we started skyping two or three times a week. 

About four weeks into us talking and getting to know each other, I got a job in DC. 

It was amazing. Here I was, finally finding someone i really connected with, and now we were going to be in the same city! This had to mean something, right? 

So I hopped on the plan in mid July of that year, and promised myself I’d meet him in person as soon as I could. 

But then I got nervous. I texted my best guy friend. 

"What if he doesn’t wanna meet me and says no?"

he said “Loryn pls. He’s not going to say no, okay? Just ask him.” 

two weeks after I arrived in DC, I asked him if he wanted to meet in person. It just so happened he was invited to a reception on the Hill so he told me I could come as his guest. 


We didn’t start dating for another three weeks after that. He was working on a campaign, but I did take the first step and ask if he was free to go to Serendipity 3 in Gtown (which is closed now :-/). We had so much fun that he said, “I don’t wanna go home yet. Can we hang out longer if that’s okay?” 

That September, we were cooking chicken parmesan together and he casually asked me to be his girlfriend. 

It’s a simple story, but when I lived in LA I started to really believe that no one would ever fall in love with me. I thought if anything I’d get married at a much older age if at all. Neal restored my faith in love, and his love saved me. 

It’s amazing how you can be so sure you’ll never find love and then you meet someone who totally changes your outlook. 

So, that’s it. If you’re out there, worried you’ll never find love again, you will

And remember - I made the first move and asked him to hang out. If you’re a girl out there pining away for a dude, go ahead. call him up. ask him if he wants to hang out. If he’s at all interested, he’ll say yes. I promise you.

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dating relationships

August 23, 2014


Battery of my phone while I’m at home: 109%
Battery of my phone the second I step outside: 8%

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Via Big Areolas are Better!