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May 15, 2012






Real World Boston 1997

love this season!!

I was eleven and I watched this with my mom! 

Oh, Jason………….solidifying my attraction to men one episode at a time. Also, Kameelah is my inspiration! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Beautiful Black Women!!!!!!

Genesis was…. troubled. 

ah Kameelah. the originator of what is now called a Kameelah Assed List….you know, that long ass list she had of things she wanted in a potential mate.

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    been watching this season from 1997 on youtube this show was so badass back in the day
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    That was pretty much the only Real World I watched
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    aaaaaaaaaaah, Boston was my favorite season. My 13 year old heart had it baaaaaaaaaaaaaad for Jason.
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    No. Season 1 was New York I believe. I think this was like season 7
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    Oh dear no. The first season was in NYC in 1992. I actually had stopped watching this show by the time the Boston cast...
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    I HAD SUCH A THING FOR JASON WHEN I WAS 12 this is when the real world was still good
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    Kameelah and Genesis were my favorites. I thought Jason was a total douche and Elka annoyed me to no end.
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    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Kameelah, the star of my heart!!!!! And obviously Jason…….*sigh*
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