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September 13, 2012




Kanye West - Home

This is Kanye’s original version of Homecoming, which is off his album Graduation.  I really like Homecoming, but I absolutely love Home.  It’s one of my favorite songs by Kanye, and I feel it’s one of his all time best works. He beautifully depicts his complicated love for Chicago as if it was a relationship with a woman. The first time I heard this, like most people, his clever metaphors and wording tricked me into thinking he was actually talking about a real woman…until his last line of course. Regardless of Kanye’s occasionally subpar works and assholeness, he’s a fuckin genius with numerous hip-hop classics under his belt.


My Song Rating: 10 out out of 10

folks don’t understand the greatness of this song and it was on Freshman Adjustment.  His FIRST MIXTAPE!!!! He had some tracks on that mixtape alone that could’ve been singles and some that actually were singles.  And some of those beats were sold to some good artists too (Apologize was sold to Monica for Knock, Knock)

peace to pre name change John Legend.

this is a great song - i remember when i first heard it.

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