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April 18, 2012

December 19, 2012

The reason why so many black women/girls/ladies love Moesha is because we had black sitcoms before. Some were family sitcoms and some were friend sitcoms. Moesha was about a black girl who was beautiful, had her own goals, aspirations, and fears, and was flawed. She was the center of this show. All these hott boys wanted to get with her and you even had the losers who did her bogus. She was around poverty and struggle but was also around successful black people. She had those braids too. Those Braids. Those braids meant so much to me. It’s so easy to find a teen show and list off white protagonist after white protagonist. Felicity. The OC. Everwood. One Tree Hill. Daria. 90210. Dawsons Creek.Gossip Girl. I’m not saying they were bad and I’m not saying some of them didn’t have POC. But Moesha will mean more to me and other Black Girls/Women than anyone who isn’t a black female will ever know. It showed me and others that we could matter. I will forever love and support Brandy for that. Don’t even get me started on R&H Cinderella.

-my cousin during a facebook conversation about shows we watched in the 90’s. 

She gave me permission to post this. 

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