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September 23, 2011

August 19, 2012



There’s nothing wrong with racism, and racists have been overly demonized in our society.

What makes racism wrong? Maybe it’s because racial claims of superiority or inferiority lack factual basis, so hating racism is hating irrational attitudes. But that can’t be the reason, because most of the things people believe in are just as irrational, from God to their political viewpoints. Why does society demonize one irrational stance and not another?

Probably because it’s socially acceptable to hate racists. But isn’t it ironic that racism is the result of an upbringing that teaches you to hate a group, and hating racists is the result of an upbringing that teaches you to hate a group? How are those who disapprove of racists better than them in any meaningful sense?

Values - racist, religious, or otherwise - are only bad when law actively promotes their point of view in a way which infringes on the freedom of conscious of other individuals. So is being a racist bad? It is certainly no worse than being a democrat, atheist, or Christian. The plight of the racist is he is demonized for the very thing that everyone else gets away with.

ssooooo…what is even happening with life

the plight of the racist

the plight of the racist

i can’t do this today.

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